furnaceIf something goes wrong with your furnace, it could cause quite a bit of damage as well as be really expensive to replace. So ask yourself this question: "Is furnace replacement covered under standard homeowners insurance policies?"

7 thingsAuto-Owners Insurance is one of our excellent insurance carriers. They have written up an excellent informational article about homeowners insurance and some things about it that you might not have been informed of!

Bundled Insurance PolicyFollowing the CDC and WHO's declaration of the Corona virus as a global pandemic, now seems like a good time to relax and give some thought to what an outbreak like this, among other dangers we see in the news can teach us about dealing with risk.

Bundled Insurance PolicyLiveoak Agency welcomes Steve Mullis to our team! Steve is our commercial account executive. Steve began working with our office in February, 2020, but he's been working with the construction industry in insurance for 18 years. He maintains an active relationship with the Alabama Home Builders Association serving them on both the local and state levels.

Bundled Insurance Policy

Every person, every family and every business is unique, and this is especially true when it comes to insurance. Therefore, there is no one singular answer for this question. Often though, it makes sense to consider it. Let's look at some reasons why.