Do you know what the average Homeowners Insurance Premium is in Alabama?

As of February 2019, Alabama’s homeowners insurance premiums are actually higher than the national average! Alabama homeowner insurance premiums are approximately $1,360 per year whereas the nationwide average is only around $1,170. Homeowners insurance premiums can vary quite a bit depending on many factors such as the size of your home, the quantity and nature of your assets, as well as your physical address.


At the Liveoak Agency, we have staff who are very experienced at evaluating homeowners policies and matching the correct one for your situation. Our team can make sure that your assets are covered for all necessary risks and that your premiums are affordable as well. We maintain relationships with many well rated, quality insurance providers, so we can offer what suits your situation best!

Everyone at the Liveoak Agency is here to help set this kind of coverage up just for you. Call us for a policy review of your insurance today!