poolsideThe Fun Of A Backyard Pool Has Hazards Too!

Enjoying a backyard pool is an incredible experience, but there is a lot of responsibility that goes with owning one. Follow the suggestions below on pool safety to keep your summer fun and accident free!.


Keep Your Pool Environment in Check

As a pool owner, safety is always number one. Simply follow these guidelines to make sure your family and friends are protected around your pool:

• Completely surround your pool or spa with a 4-foot or taller pool safety fence and use a self-closing, self-latching gate
• If your house serves as a fourth side of a fence around your pool, install door alarms
• Place an pool safety cover on the pool or hot tub when not in use and remove any ladders or steps used for access
• Install and use a lockable pool safety cover on your spa
• Always completely remove the pool or spa cover when in use to avoid someone becoming stuck underneath it
• Consider installing pool and gate alarms that go off if anyone enters the pool
• Make sure your pool or spa has anti-vortex main drain covers to prevent children from being trapped by the suction of the drain
• Keep your pool or hot tub water clean and clear and maintain proper chemical levels, circulation and filtration

Check Your Pool Chemicals IQ

Maintaining your swimming pool water is a multifaceted process due to the number of factors that must be controlled. Often times pool maintenance is thought of as periodically adding a sanitizer, adjusting the pH and cleaning the filter. In actuality, swimming pool maintenance is far more. The following link above can give you a better understanding of it. - Swimming Pool Water ChemistryWater Chemistry

Play It Safe in the Water

Summer weather and swimming pools just naturally go together. Swimming should be a fun activity, but it is also important to always play safe using these tips:

• Children should always be under active supervision. Adults should remain within arm’s reach at all times
• Require kids to always seek permission before going near the pool, as well as respect posted "pool rules" such as  “no diving” and “swim with a buddy”
• A responsible adult should be assigned to watch the water when anyone is in the pool—never allow people to swim alone
• Everyone sholuld know how to swim well and what the proper responce to emergencies is. Water safety, first aid and CPR courses should be taken by everyone
• Young children or inexperienced swimmers should wear U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets in and around the pool
• Appropriate equipment, well maintained, should be kept handy. Poles for reaching, lines for throwing, a cell phone, life jackets as well as a first aid kit should always be available
• Everyone should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 and reapply every few hours
• Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water regularly!

Common Pool Rules:

• No running
• No diving
• No pushing or horseplay
• Never swim alone
• No glass bottles or drinkware around the pool area
• Children only with adult supervision
• Keep all gates locked at all times
• Always wear and reaply sunscreen

Contact the local Red Cross office for information on water safety, pool safety, first aid and CPR classes.

Make Your Pool Party a Splashin' Success

If you have a backyard pool you know you’re going to throw a few awesome pool parties right? Follow these tips to ensure your pool party is a success:

• Provide extra towels for guests who forgot to bring their own
• Set aside a room for your guests to use for changing into swim suits
• Place pool furniture at the edge of the pool and put tables in between
• Umbrellas are a must for guests who prefer the shade
• Provide plenty of inflatable pool toys for play in the pool
• Make sure the depth of your pool is marked with waterproof tape for safety
• Provide extra sunscreen and bug repellent for guests to use
• Provide plastic cups to avoid any hazard of broken glass
• Citronella candles or torches can add ambiance as well as keep biting insects at bay
• Consider giving out party favors such as flip-flops, beach balls or sunscreen for guests to take home

Cool Pool Party Themes

• Hawaiian luau
• Mexican fiesta
• Beach barbecue
• Under the sea / mermaid
• Pirate adventures
• Patriotic / American

Reminders for safety and liability:

• When around the pool, consume alchohol in moderation. 
• Review your homeowners policy for any limitations it might have regarding a pool and associated equipement
• Call us if you have questions about a policy or to be sure you're getting the best rates. (334)-285-2881

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