Daylight SavingsThe Time Change Will Be Here Before You Know It

Soon the days will be getting longer and the weather will be getting warmer, and that leads to your energy bill getting larger. Here are some these tips to keep the amount of energy consumed in your home under control as the spring and summer seasons arrive.


Daylight Saving Time is just around the corner. Longer, hotter days will affect your energy bill if you don't take precautions. The following are some tips to help save money on your utilities during spring and summer.

Extra Sun - Use it to your advantage!

Natural light can actually be used to reduce your energy needs. Don't close those blinds! Open them up and enjoy sunlight as it brightens your home and turn off other electrical lights. As summer approaches and your air conditioner becomes necessary, then keep the blinds closed during the day, allowing the temperature of your home to stay lower.

Be Cool!

If you can determine what your families threshold for comfortable temperature is and set the thermostat based on that you can minimize the amount the air conditioner stays on. For instance, keeping it on 77-78˚ duiing the hours everyone is home and then letting it rise to 83-85˚ when everyone is away can go a long way to lowering electricity costs.

Be Clean!

One the easiest ways to maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioner unit is to regularly change out your air filters and keep vents clear of blockages. Unless you need them for allergy control, avoid the HEPA filters as they make your Air Conditioner work harder, especially when they get dirty.

A Fan Is A Great Plan!

If you haven't picke dup on it yet, your air conditioner contributes significantly to your energy bill. Keeping it off completely and allowing your home to cool down using window and ceiling fans, or even putting in a whole-house fans can net big savings. 

Stay Out Of Hot Water!

Your hot water heater can contribute almost 20% of your total home energy requirement. By simply lowering the temperature on your hot water heater's thermostat to 120˚ , you'll reduce the amount of energy it requires.

Seal The Deal!

Regulary inspecting and repairing the weather stripping around doors and windows, making sure air leaks around windows and vents are caulked or sealed will help to make sure the cold air isn't leaking out and the hot air doesn't trickle in. This tip helps keep heating costs down in the winter also

Operate Your Appliances Wisely!

Some appliances such as the dishwasher and dryer generate heat during operation. It makse sense to only operate them in the cooler, night time hours, preventing your air conditioner from having to work so hard to keep the houise cool. Also, using cold water to wash clothes when possible helps keep costs lower as well.

Grill It!

As if you needed an excuse to enjoy the patio and BBQ grill right? When you grill outdoors rather than use the oven, you reduce the heat of your home. Depending on gas or electric rates, charcoal may be cheaper as well.