Fathers Day

Father's Day Introspection

Father’s Day is this Sunday. In thinking about our dads and the many important roles they play in each of our lives,  we are reminded of the many times we hear our clients say “let me check with my dad” about a critical life decision.

Our fathers play a major role in forming our attitudes and perceptions about financial issues. This is made obvious when “checking with dad” extends into our adult experiences. This Father's day, take a little time to think about the things your dad taught you about life and financial decistions. Be sure to express your gratitude to him for it.

It's always a good thing to focus on incorporating some of his life lessons into your current lifestyle, especially regarding your plans for the future and even the life you want after retirement. Be sure to give thought to your own family and what you would like to leave for the younger people in your family. Consider the ways you might provide protection and a legacy to leave for them.

If you are someone lucky enough to still have your dad in your life, remember to show your appreciation for all he’s done.

This article in Forbes Magazine was particularly thought provoking. We'd like to pass it along to help guide your thoughts on this Father's Day Weekend.

The 5 Money Lessons I Learned From My Father


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