Reviewing Insurance on April Fools Day might sound crazy, but here's a few good reasons why it serves as a reminder to check up on your coverage.


April 1st (April Fools Day) signals the arrival of spring and is the perfect time to review your insurance policies so that you are prepared for all of the outdoor activities that come with the better weather. it may seem like there is always plenty of time for review, but just like April Fools’ Day, anything can happen in an instant. Below are five reasons you should review your insurance policies on April Fools’ Day:

1. The premise behind having insurance is :anything can happen at any time." An innocent April Fools’ prank could create a major problem

April Fools’ Day us upon us, and you decided to play prank on your unsuspecting wife. She’s just woken up and gone to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee. As she picks up her coffee cup, she catches a glimpse of the fake plastic spider you put in the bottom of the mug. Whe instantly screams at the top of her voice and throws the mug across the kitchen where it crashes through the window and strikes your vehicle, causing a large crack in the windshield

As you stand in the doorway, incredulous at her reaction, you marvel at how a silly, small prank caused this much damage and you begin to plan on reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy and auto policy to make sure you're covered for "freak accidents".

2. April showers bring May flowers. But do you have flood insurance?

If a large amount of rain falls in a short time, flooding can occur as there is little opportunity for the rainwater to runoff before flood levels occur. Just because you live in an area of significant elevation and /or have adequate homeowners insurance, this can still become a serious issue for you. Most homeowner’s insurance policies DO NOT cover flood damage. Despite being in an area of high elevation, in the right circumstance, flood waters can come rushing in if the water has nowhere else to go. Flood insurance picks up where a homeowners policy stops because it specifically covers damage to property and home. It is usually a quite inexpensive way to add that extra layer of protection before the rainy season arrives. Without it, you may experience thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket expenses in repairing even small flood damages.

3. Better insurance planning during the tax season.

April is tax season and a refund has you thinking about how to spend it. Possibly you are is thinking it would be wise to be be a responsible adult and put a little bit away for an emergency situation. The other part of your mind is thinking about splurging on an expensive item you wouldn't typically buy. Prior to taking that shopping spree, take some time to review your current insurance policies.

You should consider if your current policies are enough to meet your needs and if not, what needs improvement. Consider things like adding rental car reimbursement to a car insurance policy. It may be possible to lower a homeowner insurance policy premium by putting a little extra down now. You can call us anytime to see if there is a better way to spend that tax refund than buying more clothes or jewelry..

4. April may be rainy, but the weather will be getting nicer soon. It might be time to get the motorcycle out for some weekend rides.

Warmer weather usually means getting the old scooter out of storage and getting out onto the open road. Review your coverage before that weekend ride and make sure that you have the best possible motorcycle coverage in place. Does your coverage cover damages such as those that are the result of vandalism? You need a policy that covers things like this so you can get a replacement vehicle should irreparable damage occur.

Do you have adequate accident policy coverage? Remember, you need enough coverage to pay for damages to the motorcycle and any other vehicles that sustain damage resulting from an accident that is your fault. Just a few quick minutes with us can ensure you get the right coverage for your open road adventures.

5.Better weather means time at the lake or the beach. Is it time to use your boat/yacht?
Boats are the perfect opportunity to spend the day out on the water. Well before you get out on the water, you should take the time to make sure that your insurance coverage on your vessel is adequate. The bare minimum includes property damage insurance for your boat. This will protect you in situations when your vessel causes damage to someone else’s property. Consider taking it one step further and get hull insurance. A policy like this provides protection and pays for damage done directly to either your vessel or someone else’s resulting from your negligence


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