ChristmasstreetHave a happy and safe holiday!

The holidays are here, and that usually means great times visiting with friends and relatives, sharing memories and making new ones. Often this includes traveling out of town for a period of days and having to leave your house unattended while you are away.

Before heading out of town this holiday season, consider taking a few steps to make sure your home and property stay safe and secure:

  1. Keep presents out of site from where anyone can look in.
  2. Don't place identifying packaging at the curb. No reason for everyone to know about that new television or computer!
  3. Consider using timers for your indoor and outdoor lights to give the appearance of someone being home. Motion sensors on outdoor lights can add some addtional security as well.
  4. Make a trusted friend or neighbor aware of your plans and ask them to drive by and check on things while you're gone.
  5. Be circumspect about who you let be aware of your plans. Do not post your plans on social media sites such as facebook or twitter.