Obscure discountsObscure Insurance Discounts

You probably already know that you can find the best rates with insurance discounts for auto insurance in the Millbrook area if you drive safely. Likewise, an Alabama insurance agent has probably already told you that you’re likely to get a discount by bundling both your car and homeowners insurance with the same company. However, there are some obscure discounts that might not apply to everybody but might apply to you and your family.

What are these discounts?

See if these insurance discounts do apply to you. You might enjoy even greater savings on your home and car insurance policy:

1. Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Did you realize that some insurers offer discounts for customers who own electric or hybrid cars? It’s not that insurers believe that these vehicles are always safer; however, insurers do believe that the kinds of people who buy energy-efficient vehicles tend to use their cars in a responsible way. Even if the vehicles are not inherently safer, car insurance companies believe their records back up their claim that the drivers might be.


If you have invested in new technology in order to save fuel and help the environment, you might look for an Alabama insurance company that wants to reward your efforts with an insurance discount. Discounts vary, and not all insurers offer this kind of an incentive, but this might give you another reason to buy an energy-efficient vehicle if you don’t already own one.

2. Payment in Full

Lots of people just plan on paying for insurance in the River Region every month. Very often, insurers can take automatic payments from a checking or savings account. Setting up a payment plan like this is a good way to make sure that insurance doesn’t get terminated. Some companies even offer a discount to encourage their customers to pay automatically by draft. On the other hand, you might save even more money if you offer to pay up your policy for the next six months or year in full.


If you would rather just make semi-annual or annual payments, you can speak with an independent insurance agent who can find you the best deal. You might save about ten percent this way, so it’s an easy way to earn a discount.

3. Homeownership

If you buy a house, you’ll need homeowners insurance. The interesting thing is that homeownership might also save you more money on your Alabama car insurance. You can find insurance companies that believe homeownership makes their customers more responsible about all of their property. Certainly, you may also consider placing both your home and auto policy with one insurer to earn a bundling discount. Your agent can help you find the best deal.


If you happen to be in the market for a house, you should know that insurance companies may favor new or newly renovated homes with lower premiums. Of course, insurers may factor in the cost to replace the house if it gets damaged too badly. At the same time, they also factor in the lower risk or having a new roof, new writing, or new plumbing.

How to Find More Little-Known Car and Home Policy Discounts

You could enjoy better insurance at a lower cost. Take the time to find insurance discounts that apply to your house or car. You can speak with one of our independent insurance agents to let them know about your property. We can shop the market to find you quality coverage at the right price.

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