Spring Break Crime Prevention Tips from our friends in the Montgomery Police Department.

Sergeant David Hicks of the Montgomery Police Department has some suggestions to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime during the Spring Break vacation period.

Spring break is almost here and many of you may be planning a much needed vacation. The last thing you need after a relaxing vacation is to return home and find that you have been a victim of a criminal act, especially a burglary. Here are a few tips that may keep you from being a victim.


Remember to place your mail, packages, and newspaper on hold. Criminals notice when the mail piles up or newspapers are scattered on the lawn. Criminals know this is a good indication that you are out of town.

Place your lights, televisions, and radios on timers. This provides the image that someone is home. Be sure to close all blinds to insure a potential criminal does not have the ability to peer inside your residence and monitor activity.

Be sure to lock all doors, windows, garage doors, storage sheds and gates prior to leaving your residence.

Remember to set your security alarm system if you have one. Test your system prior to leaving, to insure it is functioning correctly. Ensure your personal contact information is also up-to-date; to insure your alarm monitoring company has the ability to reach you.

Have a close trustworthy friend or relative check on your residence while you are away.

Consider having your local police volunteer service provide a free vacation home check while you are out of town. To make the request, simply dial 311 several days prior to your departure.

As excited as you may be to update your friends of your vacation on social media, you may strongly wish to reconsider. Remember, anyone that is able to access your social media profile, will gain insight that you are away on vacation. Potential criminals pay attention to these details and could attempt to break-in to your home while you are away.

I hope each of you have a great spring break and safe travels!

Everyone at the Liveoak Agency wishes you a safe and happy spring vacation. callus if you have any insurance questions or needs!