Hire the right contractor for the right job.

When you are planning a home renovation or improvement project, you should be aware that your contractor choice can be a critical part of the planning process. You definitely want to be sure of the quality of their work befrore they begin and have everyting you want done in writing and definitely agree on the scope and cost of the project. Another great idea is to be sure the contractor is properly licensed and insured just in case something goes wrong.


It isn't uncommon to see people cheat their own retirement plan to provide for their kid's college fund.

Focusing on children’s college tuition needs and neglecting their own retirement is something many parents do. As parents, we are providing private school, automobiles, and basically supporting kids today. That shouldn't mean you don't plan to have a pleasant retirement. Howver, that freshman year budget can be on the doorstep a lot quicker than you expect, and it will not be denied! How in the world do people manage both of these obligations? 

Auto Insurance Deductible

Which is the better choice for auto insurance: high deductible or low deductible?

A very common question we hear is "Is it better to have a higher deductible on my car insurance than a lower deductible?" In some situations opting for a higher deductible may save money on monthly payments.

But what happens when you're leaving the parking lot and you back into the light pole, crushing your tail light? You take the car to the auto repair shop to get a quote and you find out you're going to be paying for the full cost. At this point, you are gong to be thinking to yourself, how was that a good deal?


Telecommuters used to face accusations of being lazy or slothful, working in their PJ's or sipping a 'beverage' by the pool while filing out TPS reports.

Recent improvements in technology make working from home a legitimate option for people in a variety of industries. There is a new Gallup poll out that shows 43% of employees spend some time doing work 'remotely.' Greater than 60% of employers allow people to do some form of 'teleworking.' Twenty years ago, this number was only 20%. 

Fathers Day

Father's Day Introspection

Father’s Day is this Sunday. In thinking about our dads and the many important roles they play in each of our lives,  we are reminded of the many times we hear our clients say “let me check with my dad” about a critical life decision.

Our fathers play a major role in forming our attitudes and perceptions about financial issues. This is made obvious when “checking with dad” extends into our adult experiences. This Father's day, take a little time to think about the things your dad taught you about life and financial decistions. Be sure to express your gratitude to him for it.