uninsured motorist coverageUninsured Motorist Coverage

Many states, including Alabama, require drivers to carry Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Insurance. Well, kinda, Uninsured Motorist Accident sorta require it. Though not compelled absolutely by statute, Alabama’s Motor Vehicle Safety-Responsibility Act requires that all auto insurance policies include uninsured motorist coverage, and all Alabama drivers purchase said coverage unless the purchaser conveys in writing that they do not want this coverage.

So is it worth it? The following five scenarios would indicate yes – very much so.

Obscure discountsObscure Insurance Discounts

You probably already know that you can find the best rates with insurance discounts for auto insurance in the Millbrook area if you drive safely. Likewise, an Alabama insurance agent has probably already told you that you’re likely to get a discount by bundling both your car and homeowners insurance with the same company. However, there are some obscure discounts that might not apply to everybody but might apply to you and your family.

cyber liabilityCyber Liability Insurance and Data Breaches

Attention business owners! A reminder: As of May 1, 2014, the Alabama Insurance Services Office requires agents handling comprehensive business insurance to include an endorsement to each policy excluding data breach or cyber liability coverage. An endorsement is a separate document attached to the policy that legally changes the terms and the coverage afforded under the policy. In a nutshell, your standard commercial general liability policy will no longer cover data-related liability claims. Deciphering a policy and its exact policy coverage is also breaking new ground as these policies are relatively new in relation to a commercial general liability policy. Also, navigating business data losses is a rising specialty as there are special nuances because no two data breaches or commercial businesses are exactly alike.

car colorsCar Color and Car Insurance-Does Color Count?

You have saved your hard earned money for months. You have searched Google, test driven, pondered, watched Facebook, checked Carfaxed, and now you’re ready to buy. Ready to buy that car. There is a decision left to make – which color to buy? Silver? White? Blue? RED? red car no different

Nope. No way. Never red. Your car insurance rates would go through the roof. Steer clear of that bright blue, too. Or should you…?

traveltrailer rvRecreational Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Most Recreational Vehicles – RVs for short – fall under Alabama’s Mandatory Liability Insurance Law. So, if your RV is a motorized vehicle, you must comply with the state-mandated amount of liability coverage. And although your automobile insurance policy might extend some coverage to your RV, it will not address the unique situations owning an RV can present. You will also be required to have proof of liability insurance if the RV is financed or is a rental. So what constitutes a “recreational vehicle” in terms of RV insurance? An RV can be a motor home or travel trailer. Each type has a singular definition for insurance purposes. Additionally, providers have set forth requirements that must be met for the vehicle to qualify for RV insurance.