Liveoak Agency Inc. offers Farm and Ranch insurance
Farm and ranch owners lead unique lives, vastly different than typical small business owners. This means they have very particular insurance needs not adequately covered by traditional coverage. Liveoak Agency Inc. can help find policies and products to insure your farm and ranching business with competitively priced programs for virtually any type of farm or ranch, including commercial growers, packers and equine production operations. Our agents will work with you to finnd the appropriate coverage at the best price.

Liveoak Agency Inc. customers always recieve excellent service from our dedicated agents who work hand in hand with professional agribusiness underwriters, risk control specialists and claim handlers who are some of the largest longtime providers of agribusiness insurance, Liveoak Agency Inc.stays in in touch with customer needs as the needs of each evolve and the industry changes.

Liveoak Agency offers the following standard coverage types:

  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Blanket /Unscheduled
  • Farm Dwelling
  • Household Personal Property
  • Liability Coverages
  • Other Farm Structures
  • Other Private Structures
  • Scheduled Farm Personal Property

 Beyond the basics there are other options and enhancements:

  • Ag-Plus II
  • Disruption of Farming Operations
  • Enhanced Pollutant Clean-up
  • Equine Property
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Farm Computer
  • High Value Dwelling
  • Orchard and Vineyard Growers
  • Winery Property Endorsement
The above are just examples of key coverages and enhancements. Call now to speak to a Liveoak Agent today to learn about all we can offer!