You’ve heard it a hundred times: Accidents Happen. It’s easy to dismiss it as just one of those things people say – until that accident plummets you straight into a lawyer’s office. If an accident happens, and you are deemed responsible, the injured party’s own insurance won’t necessarily let you off the hook. Additionally, if an accident happens on your property, whether you think it’s your fault, you can be sued. A personal umbrella liability policy from Liveoak Agency, Inc. provides additional coverage on top of your homeowners and automobile policies to protect you, your family, and your assets from a third-party liability claim.

What is a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy?

An Umbrella Policy provides financial protection two ways:

  • It provides additional liability coverage above your current auto, homeowners, and boat insurance policy limits.
  • It can cover claims excluded by other liability policies.

A Liveoak agent can review your current policies and help you decide how much personal umbrella liability coverage would be best for your needs.

How Does a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy Work?

Personal umbrella insurance provides additional liability coverage that kicks in after your other policy limits are exhausted. Obtaining umbrella insurance is preferable to just upping the liability coverage on your individual policies because an umbrella policy provides a wider range of coverage for a wider range of circumstances. For example, increasing the liability coverage of your homeowners policy would not apply to your vehicles, whereas an umbrella policy would.

What Types of Incidents Does a Personal Umbrella Policy Cover?

  • It provides an additional tier of protection for your vehicles above that of your auto insurance policy.
  • It covers specific occurrences that happen off your premises, i.e., your dog bites a neighbor.
  • It covers property damage or personal injury caused by you or members of your family.
  • It covers injury caused by potential dangers on your property for which you are legally liable, such as trampolines and swimming pools.
  • It provides protection against slander, libel, wrongful eviction, or false arrest.
  • It covers attorney fees when you have to defend yourself.

What Types of Incidents Does a Personal Umbrella Policy Not Cover?

  • It doesn’t provide liability arising from certain recreational vehicles, such as aircraft and jet skis.
  • It doesn’t cover damages expected or intended by the insured.
  • It doesn’t cover damages to your own property.
  • It doesn’t cover business activities, even if the activity is home-based.

Keep in mind that personal umbrella policies come with very high deductibles since there is no pay out until after a homeowner’s other liability coverage is depleted.

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